Course Overview

ISOM4400 is an elective course that require final year IS students to undertake a system development project. The project is known as final year project (FYP). In the period of eight months, students are required to design and develop an information system for an external partner (an IT-related firm or organization) or a department or an office within HKUST with the use of systems design and analytical skills. In addition, the development of information system with substantial complexity may entail the use of advanced development methodologies and CASE tools when necessary.

The objectives of these courses are to let students have hands-on experience with the latest development and trends in the field of information systems. The project is conducted under the guidance of an external partner (project supervisor) and course facilitator.

Course Coordinator

Dr. James KWOK
LSK 4080, ext. 7652, email:
Office Hours: By appointment

Course Facilitator

Mr. Michael Cheung
LSK 4065, ext. 7653, email:
Office Hours: By appointment

Grading Policy

Project Supervisor / Course Coordinator 50%
Course Coordinator 50%